About me

My photography is the heart of this webpage. Let me invite you to a walk through my virtual gallery: how about a look at my portfolio of assorted works – or would you prefer my frequently updated “‘All Photos’” collection?


About meIn my work I deal with the rich fields of nature and culture – and everything in between. My photos are from places I live at, lived at or travelled to (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia). My interests are nature and landscape photography, macro and city photography – but I never stop experimenting. My love for photography began with long evenings of watching slide film photo slide shows and their way of taking you to different times and places. Starting out as a analog photographer working mostly with slides and my Minolta XD-7, I switched to digital SLRs and now use a wonderful Olympus OM-D E-M5 and a PEN E-PL1 with Zuiko ED and legacy lenses.

The link “‘almost daily photo’” will provide you with new aspects of my work (almost) every day. You can also browse by topic.


About meI am a doctoral researcher at Griffith University, working on informal urban greenspace (for more about this, check my weblog Treepolis). My free time belongs to photography. Before starting my Ph. D. full-time, I worked as a freelance translator and language teacher in Japanese, English and German. I also publish the open research magazine Ecological Constitutions.