Abenteuer in Infrarot I

I’ve been fascinated by infrared photography ever since I bought my first DSLR. The atmosphere of the images, both black and white and fake colour conversions, always had something special. So when I went to Japan earlier this year, I decided after some thorough research to give it a try. Australia, after all, has plenty of bright sunlight to spare!

Technical details:
The Olympus E-5 seems to work rather well for infrared photography, and I also didn’t have any trouble with the Zuiko 12-60mm lens. The Kenko Pro1 Digital R72 filter is an inexpensive way to get into infrared photography and is just as easily removed as any other filter, so it’s much less of a committment than a total camera conversion. On the software side I shot RAW, changed the white balance to 2000K and around -20 tint in Aperture, then exported the photo to Pixelmator. There I used the channel mixer to swap the red channel to less red and more blue, the blue channel to less blue and more red (adjusted to taste, not 100%). Finally, the image was sent back to Aperture to receive some level adjustment and other tweaks including lowering red colour saturation a little. I’m still working on the details, so all the photos in this series will have a slightly different look!