Spontaneous Vegetation III

This tree grew in the small space between a wall and a building. I find it intriguing to see the workers left it standing when they demolished the building. Location: Nagoya, Japan.

Spontaneous vegetation: “…defined as all plants that develop without intentional horticultural input, is a characteristic element of the urban environment. It grows at no financial cost, is authentic and is always appropriate to site conditions.” (Kühn, N. “Intentions for the Unintentional: Spontaneous Vegetation as the Basis for Innovative Planting Design in Urban Areas”, 2006), “the de facto native vegetation of the city.” (Del Tredici, P. “Wild urban plants of the northeast”, 2010).

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One Response to “Spontaneous Vegetation III”

  1. michael says:

    Cool stuff. Surprised someone hasn’t come and cut it down because of the damage the roots might do to the wall.