In die Freiheit

Agapanthus flowers breaking free from their outgrown home. This picture is the one promised yesterday. It shows a much ignored characteristic of plants: the movement. Plants grow and move, their time is just different from those of the fast-paced lives of many animals (including humans). Time lapse is a photographic technique often used to depict this, but sometimes, as in this case, a single photo can capture the motion.

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5 Antworten : In die Freiheit”

  1. Sirius sagt:

    Sehr schön! Die ruhige Dynamik ist gut eingefangen!

  2. Great capture, nice texture feel to it and the color of the background works.
    Great blog.

  3. Background is really awesome here…

  4. Christoph sagt:

    Keivan, those are blurred bamboo groves :)